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GNU General Public Licence, version 3 GentMaint is a collection of simple bash scripts to aid the maintanence of a Gentoo Linux system. You should give them a good look before actually using them, and you're strongly discouraged from using them as cron jobs, even though that's what I designed (some of) them for ;-). They can be used under the conditions of version 3 of the GPL.


You can obtain GentMaint through git, by downloading a tarball or by emerging it from the AstroFloyd repository:
  SourceForge Git repository and tarballs for GentMaint
  GitHub Git repository for GentMaint
  Gentoo Emerge GentMaint using the AstroFloyd overlay (add it with layman -a AstroFloyd)

Description of the scripts

gentmaint-check-deps Check the dependencies of an installed package
gentmaint-clean Clean the Gentoo system
gentmaint-consistent Check the Gentoo system for consistency, and clean obsolete dependencies
gentmaint-help Produce this list
gentmaint-lastlog Display the log of the last World update
gentmaint-log Run dispatch-conf and list recent updates
gentmaint-mark-revdep-rebuild-done In the specified GentMaint log file(s), add " -- Done" to the end of lines matching "revdep-rebuild --library", so that they will no longer be displayed by gentmaint-log.
gentmaint-sync Sync the Gentoo portage system
gentmaint-sync-cron Run gentmaint-sync as a cron job
gentmaint-update Sync and update the Gentoo system. This script expects no interactive user feedback by default. Use emerge option -a to change that, or -p to pretend.
gentmaint-update-cron Run gentmaint-update as a cron job. You should be *very* careful when doing this and spend some time investigating the logs afterwards
gentmaint-version Print package/version info
gentmaint-worldupdate Update the Gentoo World system, but don't sync


You can contact the developer through SourceForge or